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This headband is entirely handmade with love and devotion to evoke the power of premonition and divinatory arts.

Immerse yourself in a world of mystery and symbolism with our headband model predictive power. This model embodies the deep meaning of premonition, evoking premonitory dreams which can offer us an enigmatic glimpse of the future.

By wearing this headband, you you will connect to your intuition and your psychic sensitivity, inviting you to embrace your mystical side and explore the mysteries of the universe. Every knot and detail of this headband has been carefully woven to capture the energy of the divinatory arts, transforming this hair accessory into a personal talisman.

Let the magic of macramé accompany you throughout your day, reminding you that premonition is a powerful force that guides our steps towards an enlightened future.


  • Material: 100% cotton (Macramé)

    Ornament: Wooden beads

    100% Handmade in Paris

    Hand wash, 30 degrees or dry clean


      Bès Paris delivers to France, Europe for free.

      Concerning the non-European Union zone, delivery costs are added to your order.


      Please send an email with the reason why you want to return the item (you have one week to do this).

      Then return the item to the address provided to you and we can proceed with a refund, voucher or exchange.

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