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Sarah Ebstein

My name is Sarah Ebstein, I am a designer and model in Paris.

Passionate about French craftsmanship and know-how, I studied fashion design and embroidery in Lunéville.

In order to deepen my experience and my skills, I went to New York to visit two renowned designers such as Anna Sui and Milly by Michelle Smith. Then I went to London , to the English hatter Piers Atkinson, supplier to the Royal court and to celebrities. I have the chance to work on the hats of Lady Gaga, Grazia Magazine ...

When I returned to France, I decided to create my Bès Paris brand, where I developed ranges of haute-couture beanies, entirely designed in Paris, that I knit and embroider with my fingers.

My mission is to bring a touch of happiness , originality, authenticity, uniqueness and softness, by promoting artisanal know-how. Allying my profession of model to the profession of designer, it allows me to know your needs as well as possible.

Welcome in the Bès Paris's family !

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