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Sarah Ebstein

Bès Paris, the iconic brand of hand-knitted hats and headbands is the fruit of the creativity and expertise of hIs founder Sarah Ebstein, a multi-talented designer and model.

Each piece is knitted by Sarah with passion in the backstage of Fashion Week, photo shoots and catwalks.

Before launching her own label, Sarah broadened her experience in New York, working alongside renowned designers such as Anna Sui and

Milly by Michelle Smith.

She also honed her craft in London, collaborating with renowned milliner Piers Atkison, where she created hats for Lady Gaga.

Bès Paris lies not only in the exceptional quality of Sarah's knitwear, but also in her talent as an embroiderer from Lunéville, which brings an inimitable artisanal touch to each creation.


As a model, Sarah brings added value and uniqueness to her creations, embodying the elegance and aesthetics that define Bès Paris.

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