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cat hat



Bès Paris, a brand of beanies, offering 100% Parisian manufacturing, handmade with French and Italian quality's materials.


The designer makes us waltz between elegance, simplicity and uniqueness of her creations.

Always highlighting French crafts, such as embroidery, knitting and sewing.





Once upon a time...


Sarah had picked up knitting by chance and wanted to try to create something special, she knitted a shape that looked like Hello Kitty. Once finished, she decided to embroider swarovski stones, she observed the model and tried it on her head .... The Precious Kitty was born !!

However, she kept this model in a safe place and decided to wear it only on occasions such as Fashion Week. In backstage, the models were crazy about it and wanted to try it. Sarah was surprised at the number of positive comments towards her beany.

Then, one day she got invited to a party, impossible to comb her hair properly,that evening, she decided to wear her "Precious Kitty" hat..., People complimented the hat, when suddenly a celebrity crossed her path. .

She remained frozen on creation, and asked Sarah:

Celebrity: "Where did you buy it?"

Sarah: "I knitted it myself"

He asked her to make 3, one for him and two for his daughters. This is where the Bès Paris hat was born ...


Sarah now sells them on her website (, at gallery 66 des champs Elysées and in the Imoni Showroom, rue Rivoli (during Fashion Week).


The useful accessory to the wardrobe.

Bès offers fashionable "haute couture" beanie models, for Her and for Him, inspired by travels. Created to be worn at a brunch in the Marais area in Paris, at an appointment at the Ritz Hotel or at the fashion week, these items are timeless flavors that we want to wear again and again.


Without compromise.

Bès offers a different type of shopping, one that embellishes the look and puts balm in the heart. Without compromise.

Our products are infused with luxury, comfort and nonchalance. Sold directly to consumers, their prices remain accessible. But not only. All items are produced with the greatest respect for French know-how. Who Said You Can't Have It All?


Sarah Ebstein, creator and also model, practices her passion for creation with an avidity for knowledge. Thanks to her modeling profession, she experiences being right into the fashion world, she observes and learns the trade alongside designers.   Regarding her studies, Sarah is one of the few graduates in "métier des arts de la broderie perlée" from a famous French embroidery school and also holds a Bachelor in Fashion and environment design.

Reinforced by this experience, she will improve her skills in New York with two renowned designers such as Anna Sui and Milly by Michelle Smith. Sarah will even get experience in London and Paris with the famous English hat's designer, Piers Atkinson, supplier of the Royal court and celebrities, which will make her want later, to launch her own accessory's line,, Bès Paris, integrating the "French touch" much appreciated by Anglo-Saxons.


Our credo is simple, bringing a touch of happiness, originality, uniqueness and sweetness in everything we do, while respecting nature and craftsmanship. It is our humble contribution to a better future.

At Bès, design is important to keep a timeless style. What makes our creations even more beautiful is that each hat has a story, they are made with passion, patience and knowledge with raw materials from France or Italy.


Knitted hats, with original shapes, such as: Cat's ears, Oversize, Marshmallow

 “Precious Kitty”

  This beanie that will set your Assumed, Fashionable and Irresistible personality apart. ​Original with cat ears, for a casual, rough, cute look. 

Possibility of creating your hat on demand for a unique style, with

inlays embroidered with Swarovski stones. 


 Merino wool, Yak

One Sizes

"The Oversize" 

This beanie gives you a casual, trendy and sophisticated style.

Both for him and for her, he could be characterized as a "boyfriend" style.


Tweed wool- alpaca blend, silk, acrylic

One Size 


This beanie gives a style that is both casual, trendy and sophisticated.

Both for him and for her, he could be characterized as a "boyfriend" style.


  Alpaca wool & acrylic

One Sizes


gives a style that is both casual, trendy and sophisticated.

Both for him and for her, he could be characterized as a "boyfriend" style.


Recycled fabrics from Maison de Couture

One Sizes