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By choosing our headband, you are opting for much more than a simple accessory. You adopt a style statement that reflects your free and daring personality. Our model embodies freedom, a powerful symbol that invites you to embrace your individuality, express your creativity and follow your own path.


Every time you wear our headband, let it remind you to seize every moment with passion, to dance to the rhythm of your heart and assert yourself with confidence. Whether it's a bohemian escape into nature, a night out on the town or a colorful festival, our macrame headband will be your perfect companion, adding a touch of charm and freedom to all your outfits.


The embroidered cowrie shells are assured of a Powerful protection from the spirits of the oceans. In the past, the cowrie shell was also supposed to bring prosperity to its owner.


Join our community of dreamers and free spirits which celebrate authenticity and the beauty of diversity. Discover now our unique collection of handm